Case Push

On Labor Day, approximately 200 stagehands, technicians, event planners and many others came together in San Diego for a great event.  We pushed empty road cases from Waterfront Park to the Convention Center in support of the Live Events Industry.  The purpose was to bring awareness to the 12 million+ event professionals currently out of work.

The events industry and it’s people are hurting financially.  No income means rents/mortgages can’t get paid, essentials are scaled back and contributing to the local economy is all but impossible. In addition, many times the loss of employment means loss of healthcare.  More must be done to hep those facing uncertainty, depression and financial ruin.

Coverage of the event was excellent.  Many news organizations came out to do interviews and people lit up social media with photos, live videos and real time messages from the walk.  As one of the co-organizers, Pacific Creative Productions was front and center in the walk and even got a mention on KPBS News.

As great as the event was, there is still much work to be done.  Click below to send a message to your representative.  We need to get the Restart Act passed and we need more PPP for businesses, so they can continue to pay their employes.

Share your story of how this shut down has affected you.  Also, forward any pics/video to from your walk, so that we can show our fellow events people around the world.


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  1. That was such a great day. I had so much fun on the route and it was great seeing everyone again. Thanks to the organizers

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